Kit Preview : 1/76 Vacucast Panther G

The model is in resin, with very few parts, namely a complete hull with molded tools and accessories, a finely made turret, two complete track assemblies, and some other parts. The it is supposedly for a late model G but that id not the case. The engine deck combines the ventilation grille pattern of a model A with the raised left ventilator housing oa late G model. The mantlet lacks the characteristic late model chin. The one piece track units have steel wheels but the first wheel behind the sprocket is missing! The hull hatches are devoid of detail, a coupe periscopes are missing and there is no gun lock. What I would do to rehabilitate this model would be:

A top view comparison of the Milicast, Matchbox, and Vacucast models. They are very close, the Vacucast being a fraction shorter (<1mm)