Kit Preview : 1/76 Vacucast Panzer IV Ausf. D uparmored

Now defunct Vacucast had a line of Panzer IVs, most based on the early pre-F stepped hull. The models are in resin, with very few parts, namely a complete hull with molded tools and accessories, a finely made turret, two complete track assemblies, and some other parts depending on the version. This particular model represents the first of the line, the Ausfuhrung D with spaced armor and turretr bin as used in Russia and North Africa in 1941.
The tracks are finely molded with the downside that portions have broken off. The same can be said of the mudguards. As noted above the turret is beautiful but the hull has some coarse engraved detail notably on the engine deck. The two metal parts are the cupola doors. I can't say for precision in the details but sizewise it is spot on with the Airfix Panzer IV F. The sprocket and idler wheels are incorrect. The idler wheel is a 7 spoke type first seen with the F model. The sprocket is of an even later type with a groove in each spoke (G or later I believe).