Kit Preview : 1/76 Vacucast StuG IV

The Stug IV is an assault gun that combined a late StuG III superstructure with the chassis of a late model Panzer IV. 1,100 were built and served on all fronts from 1944 until the end of the war. They equipped the assault gun units of infantry divisions as PanzerJaeger units of panzer divisions received specialized tank destroyers such as JagdPanzer IVs or JagdPanthers.
The model is in resin, with very few parts, namely a one piece hull with molded tools and accessories, two complete track assemblies, and some small parts. The L/48 gun is in white metal and will require some straightening. The MG34 is best replaced by one from MMS.
The tracks are finely molded with the downside that portions have broken off. The sprocket and idler wheels are of a late type, which is appropriate for this model. Three mudguards broke off my kit. Sizewise it is spot on with the Airfix Panzer IV F.