Kit Preview : 1/76 Wespe Models Marmon-Herrington Mk III A/C

This armored car was extensively used by the British in North Africa. The MkIII, a 1941 design, was the last version used in the desert. It was shorter than the MkII and had a very different profile. Click here for detailed vehicle specs and here for a side drawing.
As an aside 49 desert-weary veterans were shipped to the Dutch East Indies in 1942, captured by the Japanese,turned over to Indonesian nationalists in 1945, and recaptured and used by the Dutch.

The Wespe model is beautifully cast in resin with a many small parts. It is probably the best short run model I have seen so far. Straight lines are straight and parallel lines parallel, with very finely molded detail.
The instruction sheet is a tiny photocopy (about 10 by 15cm). The pictures here are clearer than the original.