After 1945

Year Model Make Photos Comments
1948-1949 RAF Spitfire FR18 MPM 208 Sq. in Egypt. 4 of these Spits were shot down by Israeli Spit LFIXe's on Jan. 8, 1949. More here.
1954 French Infantry Imex French infantry or para in USMC camo, French mod.1951 helmet, and M1 carbine.
1960 French F4U-7 Corsair Italeri Standard French carrier fighter-bomber from 1955 to 1964. Used at Suez and in Algeria. Were replaced by F8 Crusaders.
1968 US Marine FAA metal figure. A tad small for 1/72 but nice proportions, not your usual wargaming dwarf
1985-2005 British Infantry Revell Modern British soldier in temperate DPM camo and the L85A1 assault rifle adopted in 1985. Not sure if equipment still up to date. This guy could be in Germany, North Ireland, Bosnia, Kosovo. The figure has elongated legs as the Revell set is tiny.