Waterloo June 18, 1815

Order of Battle and Unit Uniforms

Napoleon's and Wellington's armies at Waterloo modeled at the scale of 1 miniature for 1,000 soldiers. Pretty much an even match. Blucher's arrival was really decisive.
Troops not present at the battle such as Grouchy's right wing and allied troops garrisoning nearby villages are not included in the total.

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Napoleon's French Army

  • Infantry 52,600

  • Cavalry 15,000

  • Artillery 4,600 Personnel and 248 Guns

    Wellington's Anglo-Allied Army (*)

  • Infantry 53,850

  • Cavalry 14,000

  • Artillery

    (*) Only 30% of Wellington's army were British. The remainder was composed of Dutch-Belgians (Belgium being united with the Netherlands after the 1814 Paris treaty), Nassauers, Hanoverians and Brunswickers.